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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dark Matter

Argument about dark matter (individual perspective)

Dark matter does not exist! Like always if the math does not add up some lame idea is made up so to explain their own mistakes! They are educated idiots so gung hoe on making things work from using incorrect theories right from the start! Tell me HOW IS MATTER MADE? Then tell me there is dark matter and then I will believe you. Thermal dynamics said matter cannot be created then how did it get here if it cannot be created.. See da idiots!

Look stop nonsenses. We call dark because we can't see it. What Hubble saw is NOTHING. simply, making calculations, there SHOULD be invisible matter IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE BIG BANG.
Big bang is flawed and the lack of matter points it. But "priest scientists" decided to invent dark matter.
Then BB flawed on expansion, so they decided to invent dark energy.
The more flaws, the more dark stuff until new dark ages. Got it? BB is creationist!

Dark matter/energy do exist, they account for more then 90% of the mass of our universe. The only way human beings have been able to actually OBSERVE things in the universe is from the electromagnetic radiation they emit, thats why we can see stars, but have yet to directly see a planet. The planets we have shown indirectly to exist is due to their effective change on the gravity well of the star they precess

The dark energy has nothing to do with BB? And you suggest me to read? WOW!
I'll remind you that dark energy is here to justify the fact that IF THERE WAS THE BB, now galaxies are going faster than they should. So if you want to believe in BB you have to justify why observation DO NOT COMFORM to BB model. Thus the need of this fake energy.

the dark matter just may be the gravitational pull and push of other galaxies in layers of other dimensions space and time that is why we cannot see it like we can not see gravity itself only the affects of it

These are a few comments about the existing of dark matter..see how theory of knowledge reconcile this conflict :)

Theory of Knowledge: Can the prove given by NASA to confirm the existence of dark matter be accepted?

Definition: Dark matter is matters that absorb light and thus cannot be seen.

Dark matter theory is an explanation towards the observed effect of formation of galaxies and stars. After big bang, the heat caused by that explosion will sure cause every matter to be separate because of the kinetic energy (from science law that if heat is supplied, molecules will gain more kinetic energy and thus moves faster and farer from each other). But this is not what is happening as the molecules do comes closer to form galaxies and stars and lots of gravity is needed to pull all of the objects to pack closer together.

From the general accepted law that every mass exert gravity, then inductively a conclusion is made by stating that every gravity must be caused by a body that have mass. And from the calculation made based on the amount of gravity needed to form galaxies and stars, the universe have very high mass. But what is observed from astronomy is that the mass of our universe is far much lesser than the value calculated. So the mass missing must be caused by a body that cannot be seen and referred to as ‘dark matter’.

Previous experiment done failed to confirm the hypothesis of the existence of dark matter. But a few years back, NASA claimed to have found the prove of dark matter. The experiment is done using Einstein famous prediction that light must be pulled by gravity of heavy body and a separated galaxies mass is calculated from the observed and also from the calculation based on Einstein prediction and there is a mass missing that physicist from NASA claims to be that of dark matter.

But argument occurs as astronomers cannot yet accept the prove given by NASA.

-Problem with sense


• Astronomers will not believe it until they saw it. Not everything in the world can be seen but it exists. E.g. Air.

• If we cannot see something, then we can see its effect. E.g: Heat. And so if we cannot see dark matter, then we can see the effect

• Astronomers need to use their sense to confirms the theory, but sense often deceived us

• We used telescope that is used by astronomers too and the result is also used by astronomers, why they cannot accept it? If they reject it, it is like they are rejecting they own science because we use their instrument.


• Physicist claims that the dark matter cannot be seen, then they are making theory that we cannot falsify it and yet they claim that it is true

• Physicist claims that the prove given is the effect of the dark matter, but is this the only reason why the effect happens? Or other reason might involves. And if this happens, this show that scientist is seeing what they believe to be the effect of dark matter.

-Problem using mathematics


• We used mathematics to calculate and confirm the existence of dark matter, and mathematics is known for its objectivity. Can astronomers still claims that the mathematics did not give correct answer?


• Physicist use claims that every mass exert gravity to calculate the mass of the galaxy in determining the presence of dark matter effect, and by using mathematics, they concluded that the theory is accepted. But the law stated that every mass exert gravity, and not necessarily that every gravity is caused by mass and if the second is true, than the calculation would be all wrong from beginning like in mathematics when the axiom is false.


• They cannot accept the prove because it did not match the current understanding of observation ( the astronomer cannot observe the dark matter)


• Physicist is desperate to find a prove for their claim of the existence of dark matter, and maybe the prove given is emotionally made to restraint science community pressure on the physicist of the dark matter theory


• Astronomers did not give any prove that refute the theory, so the theory is true because no one can falsify it


• No one can falsify it because the definition of dark matter is that it cannot be seen but it does exert effect, and the effect can origin from various source

-Can the generalization be accepted using inductive logic?


• The prove found confirm the effect of the dark matter as predicted and so it confirmed the existence of dark matter


• Previous experiment failed to confirm the existence of dark matters, and if this the only prove that can be given by the physicist, then physicist is denying science because science works on majority.E.g: Cell theory

• Physicist is inductively conclude that the dark matter exist based on one prove, but can this generalization be accepted?

Eventually, we can conclude that most of the things in this world can be argue. Its all depends to the individual on how they see things from their own perspective and how they use their knowledge to interpret things. so we cant blame each other for having different idea or opinion.PEACE :)

this post credit to
Hazrul Adzfar n Abdullah syahmi :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Senses vs Area of Knowledge

When I was young, I am a mere knower about science and always interpret things by using senses. The saying, seeing is believing made me believe things happen but they are often deceptive. Senses represent the immediate reaction while science involves in depth studies about natural occurrences. Now, I start to think rationally by using basic scientific method in most of my observation, using information given to make generalization, and try to come up with my own theory before I explain and predict what will happen. When I was seven years old, I described air as substances which can help human to stay alive in this world. I, my family, my friends and everyone are using air to breathe, and we can die without it. However, science had proved it wrong when experiments show air is contains a mixture of gases and we only using oxygen for breathing. This theory have much influence me when I conducted a simple experiment about the necessity of the oxygen for the human being. I was eleven years old on that time and I put a rat in the upturned beaker containing air. Then, I put another rat in another upturned beaker containing the air which had removed oxygen gas by using burning process. The result shows the rat in the beaker with oxygen live longer compare to another one. This situation shows that we cannot make quick interpretation when using senses but we need to reconcile and using suitable area of knowledge to make new theory which can satisfy the public. Let me attempt to explain further, by going through specific examples from certain Areas of Knowledge such as Science and Arts.

“People don't use their eyes. They never see a bird, they see a sparrow.
They never see a tree, they see a birch. They see concepts.”
Joyce Cary

Scientist views the phenomenon happen as a concept and they use their senses to make an observation, however, often they do not fully trusted their sight because they know senses are always deceptive. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, people only see what they are prepared to see . So, if they believe something, they will try their best to prove it. It goes like the proving the existence of dark matter. It uses Kuhn’s Revolutionary Scientific Method in this case when a few experiments were already done but failed to prove it. Nonetheless, National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) claim that they are successful in proving it through their experiment . The experiment is done using Einstein famous prediction that light must be pulled by gravity of heavy body and a separated galaxies mass is calculated from the observed and also from the calculation based on Einstein prediction and there is a mass missing that physicist from NASA claims to be that of dark matter. Our senses will tell us that the existence of dark matter is unreliable due to limitation of our senses. So, further experiments were done to clarify this phenomenon, using senses as one of tools to explain the phenomenon even though it can not fully explain it. In this case, dark matter theory is an explanation on the observed effect of formation of galaxies and stars. After the big bang, the heat caused by the explosion is predicted to cause every matter to be separated because of the kinetic energy (science law state that molecules will gain more kinetic energy and moves faster and farer from each other when heat is supplied). On the contrary, what happen was, the molecules come closer to form galaxies and stars and this action needs lots of gravity to attract all of the objects to pack closer together. From the general accepted principle that every mass exert gravity, then inductively a deduction is made by stating that every gravity must be caused by a body that have mass. And from the computation made based on the amount of gravity needed to form galaxies and stars, the universe has very high mass. But what is observed from astronomy is that the mass of our universe is far lesser than the value calculated . So a body that cannot be seen and referred to as ‘dark matter’ must be what causes the mass missing. Through this example, we can see that senses and science cannot be separated in the process of making generalization or theory. Both should be used together to explain and describe the phenomenon that happen.

Another example would be the shape of the earth. About 4500-500 Before Common Era, The Babylonians & Mesopotamians generally believed in the "theory that the earth was a flat circular disk surrounded by a primordial sea” . This theory is also supported by the observation made when people in the middle of the sea saw the sea and the sky in the same plane. They believed what they are seeing so they declare the earth is flat. As time goes by, Pythagoras introduced the concept of 'antipodes' meaning feet pointed in a direction that was opposite, by being the first to claim that people could live on the opposite side of the world. "The earth, which is also spherical and inhabited all over, that there are antipodes..." Pythagoras only uses the concepts of science to prove the shape of the earth. However, the new generation has proposed the new theory to reconcile the conflicts between Babylonians, Mesopotamians and Pythagoras because both theories can be argued. Plato and Aristotle tried to falsify the previous theory by using the concepts of symmetry, equilibrium and cyclic repetition while the observation, regarding the first arguments favouring a round-earth model , the ship which is sailing in the sea disappears from sight as if the ship sinks slowly. They argued that if the previous theory that says the earth is flat then the moving shape will eventually “fall of the edge” but this is not what really happen This new theory had been confirmed by the high technology in science when the pictures taken of the earth shows the earth shape is actually spherical. In this case, senses and science should be coupled together to prove the truth and solved the conflict between contradicting theory.

Let us inspect the relation between senses and Arts. Arts can be defined as a division of the philosophy which investigates the nature of art and it use imaginations to voice out the belief or emotion, particularly in dance, painting, music and sculpture. Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy which deals with the nature of art and of artistic judgment. The arguments arise when we tried to interpret beautiful paintings and whether they contain aesthetics value? Senses usually described beauty to be objective by only interpreting the external appearance of the paintings. Nonetheless, certain people that can recognize the aesthetics value in arts say that beauty is something subjective because it depends on the attitude of the observers. Paintings that have aesthetics value are usually those that are creative symbolization of something, which can not be perceived by immediate reaction. Some people who made the judgment by using only their senses may say that the high aesthetics paintings are just a piece of paper that does not carry any meaning because they did not understand what the artist was trying to convey to the viewers. Only certain people will know the value of the paintings if they have the sense of art and they can understand the symbolization of the portrait and this group of people will be willing to spend a lot of money on these aesthetic paintings or other artistic materials during an auction. Conflict between a group of people who are using their senses and people who can identify aesthetical value to interpret arts can be reconcile by letting the first group of people study carefully about the sketch, listens to the music or reads the poem. Will the practice gives them sympathetic, a vision, and a recognition which they did not have earlier? If the answer is yes, so that is the new knowledge for them. In arts, you are acknowledged as an artist because you design something rare and original. Hence, a person who only uses the senses to interpret artistic material needs to study in depth to know the actual value of that material. As a conclusion, if we are using our senses in correlation with the art, we can understand and feel the aesthetics value in artistic material because we are using our senses in the process of delivering the aesthetic experience.

As a conclusion, senses and area of knowledge should be used together in explaining the theory or phenomenon so that people can get the clear view about the situations. Senses are ways of knowing that should be used as a tool by the scientist and artist to prove the miracles things in science and aesthetic value in arts. Senses are complimentary to the science or arts in explaining and predicting the phenomenon and theory. In the end, sense and science or arts can not be separated as they need each other in supporting their ideas. It is like oil and vinegar; it cannot be one when mixed but they are useful to be used together.

by Abdullah Syahmi Ariffin

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Forgive and forget… this is a popular line used by lots of people especially when giving advice, but it’s not one that is easily followed.

Forgiving someone who has done something hurtful and bad to us is not easy. But it usually can be done, though it may require some time. Even though we’ve forgiven someone for the wrong they’ve done, we can never really forget, at least not completely. Our mind can be sharp when it comes to these things. Especially if someone has hurt us BIG time. We can never really forget the pain and the fact that it has happened to us.

What’s the difference between forgiving and forgetting, anyway? If you’ve forgiven someone, doesn’t it automatically mean that you’re willing to forget everything that happened? What does forgiveness entail? Forgiveness is a process and it may take a long time, some even take forever before the resentment and the anger subsides. Forgiveness means that you choose not to punish that person because of what that person has done to you. But giving forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to forget.

It’s not a matter of holding a grudge, it’s just that once the damage has been done, it can never be undone. It can be improved and healed, yes, but it can never be undone. In other words, you can forgive the person, but you can’t forget what they did. It will stay with you forever, but what changes is how you deal with your emotions. Over time, the pain, disappointment and anger may diminish. It will come to a point wherein it becomes just a distant thought with no more emotional impact. Nevertheless, it will enter your mind… someday, you’ll look back… especially during the times in your life when you’re forced to recall it. But then you’re in control. Because it doesn’t affect you like it used to. And this is when you can say that you’re stronger, because of what you’ve been through and because of what you had to endure.

That’s why I can say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with remembering. “Forgive, but never forget“. Now, that’s more like it. Wouldn’t you agree?

Do you find it easy to forgive?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thanx dear :-)

This week something interesting happened to me. I made a gift for someone, and they absolutely loved it.

As they exclaimed over it and admired it, they asked if it had taken me long to make. I shrugged and said, "Just a few hours" - when in fact I spent more than 30 hours working on it. I poured a lot of heart and soul into it. Why then, did I diminish it? Why did I feel the need to fib about how much effort I had put into that gift?

I must admit, I had to give that question some long, hard thought. What I realized is that I am still following the pattern that has dominated much of my life. I'm hiding my Light. You know that song, "This Little Light of Mine, I'm Gonna Let It Shine?" How many of us are afraid to let our "lights" shine? How many of us hold back a large part of ourselves?

Maybe we are afraid of being braggarts. Nobody likes a boastful, prideful person. From a young age, our parents teach us modesty and humility, which is not a bad thing in itself. But where do we draw the line? Are we not allowed to take pride in our own accomplishments at all?

There is a very big difference between sharing our gifts with the world, and showing off. When I look back across my life, I see a classic underachiever. Not because I wasn't capable of achieving anything, but because I was ashamed and embarrassed by my own abilities and strengths.

I denied them and hid them at every available opportunity. If I shared those gifts with the world, it would call attention to me, attention I didn't feel worthy of accepting.

Perhaps I was also afraid of ridicule. If I shared my heart and soul with the world, would I be laughed at or made fun of? Nothing could shoot my confidence down more quickly than rejection.

Maybe you've had the same experiences? Have you had feelings of hesitancy about sharing your gifts? Have you been hiding your light, holding back an essential part of yourself?

How dare we hide our Lights? They are not ours to hide. They were given to us by a loving God of Light (whatever your perception of "God" may be) - the same light that shines within us. Each of us has a little spark of the Divine within.

By denying that part of ourselves, we also deny God within us! We have a responsibility to share ourselves with the world; not in a way that proclaims us to be better than anyone else, but in a way that uplifts and enriches others.

We owe it to ourselves, we owe it to the world, and we owe it to God, the one who gave us these gifts and abilities to begin with.

What good is a gift that doesn't get used? Imagine a flower being afraid to bloom, rain being afraid to fall, the sun being afraid to shine. We need to shift our perspective and realize that by hiding our lights, we are not serving anyone. Love, unexpressed, is not love at all.

So many of us think that we have nothing to share. We spend most of our days feeling like an empty shell. However, nothing is truly ever empty. Nature abhors a vacuum. Ah, remember that, from Science class? ;-)

Though you may feel empty, there is something inside of you. It may be chaos or joy, optimism or pessimism, hope or doubt - but something is there. If you don't like what it is, you have the ability to change it by the power of your thoughts.

Know that you do have something to share with the world. If you will dare to reach down inside your soul and feel around a bit, you will find a long forgotten dream. A sense of excitement that you once had, a knowingness that you could change the world and make it just a little bit brighter.

Reclaim that dream. It never really left you, it just got covered with a little dust. Clean it off and set it upon your mantle of hope. Infuse it with new life, and allow it to come into Being.

Remember that you are the only one holding yourself back.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

perkiraan manusia

if 1 batang = 1 jam 14 batang = 14 jam 1 kotak = 14 batang 1 hari = 1 kotak so 1 hari = 14 jam if 1 org = 67 tahun 1 tahun = 365 hari so 1 tahun = 5110 jam skrg 22 tahun 67-22= 45 so 45x 5110 = 229950 jam if convert kepada tahun 229950/(365x24)=26.25 tahun so yang masih tinggal ...

one of the calculation made by human being. instead of calculate this, use this ability to plan our future systemically. we will have bright future :-)

Friday, March 26, 2010


sume org asyik berkata ttg blog..cerita baru, cerita lama, cerita hangat, cerita sejuk..semua ada..ini dia, blog dari Dr Shim, menjanjikan kisah2 menarik yg boleh dijadikan teladan dan juga sempadan..InsyaAllah..